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Executive Overview

The FootWorks Information System is our line of software specifically designed for footwear importers, distributors, and wholesalers. FootWorks automates your entire business cycle from order entry to production through distribution. All the modules are fully integrated, on-line, and real time. The information you need to make critical decisions is available at any time. FootWorks helps ship more shoes than any other commercial software system.

FootWorks can accommodate virtually any kind of footwear business including open stock, case packs, first cost, and make-up. The entire system is sensitive to style/color/size and width, and can be easily tailored to meet your company's needs. FootWorks is operationally friendly in a number of environments including Windows. This allows flexibility not only during implementation but as your company grows.

Software Modules

    Accounts Receivable
    Acquisition Costing
    Bank/Factor Communication
      Standard EDI Interface
      Proprietary Interface
    Commission & Royalty Tracking
    Customer & Credit
    Customer Service
    Data Warehouse Interface
    Direct Ship Module
    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) With UPC Bar Coding
      All Retailer Mandated Transactions Supported
    File Maintenance & Housekeeping
    Foreign Office Communication
    Integrated Imaging And Line Sheets
    Inventory Control
    Letter of Credit
    Miscellaneous User Tables
    PC Interface
    Purchasing & Factory Tracking
    Relativity FootWorks SQL Tables
    Reports Processing
    Sales Analysis
    Sales Force Automation
    Sales Order Processing
      Prepack, Open Stock
      Make-up, First Cost
      Consumer Direct/Catalog
      E-Commerce Retailer Interface
    Standard A/P & G/L Interface
    Style & Product Definition
    UPC Coding
    Warehouse Management

      UPS & FedEx Interface
      ASN Packing/Scanning
      Batch Scanning
      RF Scanning
      Operational FIFO Inventory Allocation
      Post Pack Printing of Case Label and Packing Slip
      Wave Creation and Management
      Receipts, Putaways
      Transfers & Physicals

      EDI Interface To Third Party Warehouse System

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