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Optional Software Modules

Acquisition Costing
Automatic Notification System
Consolidated Picking
Consumer Direct Catalog Order Entry (CDS)
Credit Card Processing (POS Partners)
Customer Compliance Tracking
E-Commerce includes:
      Business to Business (B2B)
      Direct to Consumer (D2C)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Factor Interface
FedEx PowerShip Interface
First Cost Order Processing Invoicing
Imaging and Linesheets
Letter of Credit
UPS WorldShip Interface
USPS Endicia Interface

Warehouse Batch Scanning

Warehouse RF Scanning
       Open Stock Pick Verification
       Case Pack Pick Verification
       Open Stock Pack Verification
       Shipping Verification
       Physical Inventory
       Putaways and Transfers
       Manpower Reporting

       Picking, Wave Creation, and Management
       Interface to Third Party System using EDI

Data Warehouse Interface
       Relativity and supporting data lens

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