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Don't forget to check our History Channel for items you may have missed.

07/20/17 - The Available to Sell report's csv output was enabled to be sent via the FootWorks Automated Notification System (13, 17, 1, 5)

07/20/17 - The AR2 Prepost Report (AR2-2490) now creates a csv along with the printed report. This report will be automatically produced with the implementation of the remittance import

07/17/17 - The Bought vs. Sold screen (S371) now lists the quantity in-transit before the IMMED line (19, 18)

07/05/17 - Miscellaneous Mass Change option 17, Change Price of Product by Customer, was enhanced to allow running by parent (5, 9, 9, 17)

06/30/17 - The E-commerce Style Audit purge has been changd to no longer produce a print file of the records deleted.

05/31/17 - Added a new field, Keep, to the Style/Construction (S275) and Style/Prepack (S276) screens. If flagged Y, this style will NOT be deleted by the UPC purge. A blank or N means the style will be processed normally in the UPC purge.

05/08/17 - Maximum Stock quantity added to the E-Commerce Style V6 Menu (S743) that allows a limit on how many pairs are sent in the 846

03/24/16 - Customer PO and pairs were added to the standard version of the IV Commission Report (13,15,1)

11/01/16 - Created a packing slip for Shoebacca in PDF format

10/31/16 - The e-commerce records are now also getting the selling price and MSRP updated as the available quantities are being updated

10/14/16 - Added optional G/L slot numbers for Sales, Cost of Sales, and Returns to the Order Class Codes screen (S645)

06/28/16 - Positive cash will no longer be factored into average days pay. Positive cash can be associated with applying a credit during a cash batch

06/02/16 - There is a new exception level NMFC-ID/Class on factory order line items that should only be used for exception tariff info when a line is not equal to the style. It is used in the Acquisition Costing duty calculation only

06/01/16 - Added inquiry of the edipoxref records stored for each EDI order using the Customer Service Order Status option, keying # for Header information and % for Line information

06/01/16 - osfeed will now straighten out any issues with customer orders on Z block during the feed and customer orders that were un-specialed on the customer side

04/20/16 - Added option 12, Division Restriction, to the Division/Customer window in Miscellaneous Tables.  This allows you to limit specific users to specific divisions on the following standard reports: Sales Comparison – 3 Years (13,5,6,2), and Comparison Sales – 3 Years History (13-22).  Contact CCSI for additional information

04/20/16 - The Open Orders by Date/Customer report (13,5,1,9) has been modified to allow you to choose whether or not to include picked items

04/20/16 - Added csv output  to the –SL version of the Returns Report (13,8,1,7).  See example on Reports page

03/21/16 - Customer Credit information added to the Auto-Disposition csv file (cron)

03/21/16 - The address line on the Customer Credit Maintenance screen will display '*** Customer is inactive ***' when the corresponding customer is inactive

03/21/16 - Added csv output to the standard Gross Margin Report. See example on Reports page

03/02/16 - Cube calculation will default cube value to .01 when the calculated cube is < .01. This value is calculated in the style dimensions pop up window on Style Maintenance

02/25/16 - A Grand Total line has been added to the standard version of the Detail Trial Balance by Collector report (13,12,1,9)

02/25/16 - Added order number range option to Mass Change Change Shipping Dates option (5,9,9,7)

02/25/16 - Added csv output to the Surplus Inventory Report. See example on Reports page

02/17/16 - Made several changes to clean up the updating of the availability for version 6

02/10/16 - Added option 28, Customer Rewards Points, to the Retail Reports Menu (S524)

02/02/16 - If CM-EDI-ASN = Y gives error msg and doesn't allow processing. Invoicing online gives error message and gives option to process or not. Made First Cost Invoice online conform to regular invoice online

02/02/16 - The Style Prepack and Kit Online programs were changed to update the style/color/size in the style audit record on all ADD records and DUPE ADD records

02/02/16 - New E-commerce Style v6 now allows the removal of a division and/or warehouse through the change mode

02/02/16 - Created a packing slip for Sportsman's Guide in PDF format

01/14/16 - .csv output was added to warehouse inventory valuation summary (13,8,3,14)

01/14/16 - A/R transfer single item was changed to NOT set on-account flag on adjustments

01/10/16 - Canceling a factory order line that has already been invoiced will cause a negative A/P transaction to be created. This will fail on import to A/P as a reminder that the original invoice must be adjusted manually

01/05/16 - A change was made to the E-commerce Style File program when adding styles with a different price than the style prepacks selling price it allows for the new price

12/24/15 - The standard size level version of style imports (used when location 500050 is pc/smp-loaddec) has the following fields added: PR-VARIANCE, CONST-DESC, CLASS, and MIN-QTY. Contact CCSI for the latest version and documentation.

12/24/15 - .csv output has been added to the Inventory by Style/Location report (13,8,2,10)

12/24/15 - .csv output has been added to the customer demand section of the PIA report

12/24/15 - A division entry pop-up was added to A/R Mass Transaction option. Use the Convert key (F11) in the A/R Reference field to key a different division on a transaction during add mode. The default value is from the top of the screen

12/02/15 - Created a csv file from the E-Commerce Style report to assist with updating SKUs from trading partners by using this file as an excel spreadsheet for filling out. Once filled this file can be brought back in and updated using the utility opcrossref

12/01/15 - Added customer SKU and color description to E-Commerce Style report

12/01/15 - Utility for loading the Customer Stock Cross -Reference file from a csv file with UPC, customer SKU and style has been changed to now include the updating of the Ecommerce Style file if trading partner set up for the 846 and SKU is mandatory

11/20/15 - There's a new e-commerce style system that allows entry of 10 divisions, 10 distro warehouses, 10 non-distro warehouses with 5 locations, a bulk orders only option, exploding of sizeruns option and a delete styles option. Record creation is more automated

11/09/15 - Added Pattern Description to the Availability by Size Current Availability screen (S851)

11/04/15 - Added Pattern Description to the Bought vs. Sold screen (S371)

11/03/15 - An updated FootWorks User Group main page and something we haven't done in a long time - our newsletter, FootWorks Footnotes

10/30/15 - Customer Name and Inactive flag fields were added to the e-mail address csv listing (12,1,40)

10/30/15 - Option 27, Avail by Pairs, on the Customer Service Menu (S370) allows for a search by partial style and/or color and/or size. For example, you can see all styles/colors for size M100 or all NAVY M080's you have for all styles. Contact CCSI if interested

10/22/15 - Option 1, Order Import, on the PC Interface Import Functions Menu (S727) has been renamed Custom Orders Upload. The option has been disabled unless you have a customized order import. Contact CCSI if interested

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