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08/16/17 European sizes were added to the Customer Sizerun Summary report
07/31/17 Added bulk release by PO and by style to order line audits
06/07/17 The use of the CLC, EDI, Part 1, question 11 (Create UPC codes for * sizerun itself) has been allowed in the update of an order that has an *sizerun on an order line. *** Caution, be sure you really want UPCs for all order *sizeruns!
05/31/17 The 846 has been upgraded to check the warehouse location flag settings to determine the correct location
05/24/17 A new feature was added to the E-Commerce Style menus (S543 and S743) that allows for a limit of how many pairs will be sent in the 846 document or csv file
05/18/17 Added default gender (sizerun matrix) for kits to the EDI Customer Parameters menu (S758)
05/18/17 The 850 was changed to accommodate kits with different gender styles
05/09/17 Added check of inactive EDI control record
05/02/17 The Order Corrections option in EDI (17,5,3,5) has been upgraded
05/02/17 Location has been corrected on the csv files by checking for the In Avail flag setting
04/07/17 The 850 batch process has been changed for POs set up to create prepacks for *sizeruns; the sizerun matrix will now have casepack quantities rather than total number of pairs for all cases
04/03/17 If an 850 does not send in any SKU data the SKU from the opcrossref (if applicable) will default to the order line's customer stock number
04/03/17 Made changes to bulk release by PO program to check for multiple bulk orders per one PO number
04/03/17 (B2B) The Error Report will now print the order contract number rather than the PO number
02/01/17 (B2B) 850 POs - if no bill-to or ship-to is sent the program will defualt the bill-to of the EDI record and the corresponding ship-to with the store DROP
03/27/17 (BEALLS) when sending in an N1 ST with a DC ID using the DC ID on order rather than the store BULK
Charming Shoppes  
04/03/17 (CHRM) Lane Bryant's SLN style data is now being captured in the new ediopxfsty file for the 856
David's Bridal  
03/02/17 New trading partner, David's Bridal
04/07/17 Latest documentation had a few changes that were made and it's ready for loading to anyone trading the 832 with DSW
03/20/17 DSW Made changes to print the number of cases that have been changed to an order's line item that is a sizerun
Family Dollar  
04/03/17 (FDOL) New specs were added to TarHeel/Family Dollar because of sending N9 (store numbers) and SLN (quantity ordered per store) instead of SDQ segments
01/30/17 (BLUE) Made changes to the 850 to capture Fingerhut/Bluestem ship, tax and sub-totals to ediopxref file. Also changed the packing slip to grab data from the ediopxref
01/04/17 (FED) MacysNet new label parameters have been set up and changes are done
Murdoch's Ranch  
05/15/17 New trading partner, Murdoch's Ranch
Neiman Marcus  
03/21/17 Neiman Marcus 850 PO's REF MR (merchandise class description) is now being captured in the ediop-xref file for the label
Nine West/Radial  
03/02/17 New trading partner, Nine West/Radial
Norm Thompson  
05/02/17 Norm Thompson/Bluestem upgrades needed in 810, 850 and 856; still using control name NTO
Perry Ellis  
07/31/17 (PELL) customer stock number is now being stored in the Customer Stock Cross-reference File
02/01/17 (PELL) New trading partner, Perry Ellis. Setup for version 4030: 810, 850 and 856
02/01/17 (PELL) now has a tab delimited 846 flat file in place of an 846 document
02/09/17 QVC is now requesting the LS/REF/LE detail loop, which is warehouse the styles will be shipped from. Documentation says if only one warehouse not to send but QVC said they want anyway
04/03/17 (SEARSC) Sears Canada has been upgraded with their new specs for the 810, 850, 856 and 865
05/02/17 Sears Canada upgrades with new specs
05/02/17 865 has been changed to allow the Consolidate PO feature
Stage Stores  
05/23/17 (STAGE) now capturing the PO1 BO (color) and SZ (size) in the ediopxref file for their labels
04/13/17 Stage had an issue with the pairs versus cases quantities; an adjustment was made to check the UOM to run the calculation on cases to total pairs
Town Shoes  
06/30/17 (TOWN) Implemented changes in the 856 file in reference to the LIN and SLN segments when case packs are on orders
02/01/17 (TOWN) Resequenced the 832 LIN segment product codes and descriptions

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